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The Spider

I’m not a fan of spiders, but I can easily watch their behavior when I’m behind my camera. While observing this giant spider, dangling from the eaves on this lone silk string, I knew I’d been there, hanging on for dear life, wondering if I’d touch down or have the strength to climb back up to a safe refuge.

The wind was blowing this spider around and raindrops were occasionally adhering to the web. Then suddenly, the spider crawled up to the top for cover and was back to making it’s giant circle of a spider web.

Many of us have encountered this feeling of hanging on by a string when faced with losing a job. The news comes as a shock, you have a family to support, and your employer is no longer your employer. The company sold, restructured, you're let go, or forced into retirement. Your world has been rocked and you need to figure out how to hang on.

Take another look at that string you're hanging on to, as it is indeed a silk string. Although it appears to be thin, it's five times stronger than steel. It’s the most desired textile, it can be colorful, diverse, and can be made into something beautiful. However, it can also lose 20 percent of it's strength when it gets wet, so cry a little and get it out of your system, but then start climbing, it will hold you. When you get to the top you'll find new opportunities, new passions, fresh air, a place to rest & look back at your journey.

As a single mom, I've been there twice, it's scary, but I wouldn't have discovered my passion as a photographer if it hadn't been for dangling on that silk string, knowing I had two kids to take care of and refusing to give up. Keep climbing, it will hold you, new opportunities are just around the corner.

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