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Wildlife or Weddings

As I was driving up to Rocky Mountain National Park yesterday, I drove through Estes Park and past all the wedding venues I used to shoot at. A flood of memories came back of all my amazing couples and the close to one million pics I took of brides, grooms, flower girls, ring bearers, wedding parties, toasts, cakes, dancing & families. Although I have awesome memories, I was relieved to know I was heading out on a hike, looking for wildlife. This is my first summer without a wedding to shoot, and it was time for me to move on.

I was lucky to find this big daddy moose in the lake and I spent an unhurried, no stress couple of hours photographing him eating plants from the bottom of the lake. He enjoyed the cool water on a warm summer evening as I enjoyed the breeze blowing through my hair while sitting on the edge of the lake.

I've not posted any of my wedding photos on this new website. As a farewell to my wedding photography, and a nod to another summer of a busy wedding season, I'm happy to pass the torch on to a new generation of wedding photographers and I'm posting just a few of my favorite photos. I regret I can't post them all! Farewell...and now moving on to more wildlife, like this grand moose.

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